Smart Home

Controlling the ambience and the environment of your home making ease, comfort and luxury a priority with added safety and environmental benefits. We can make your home future proof by adding a smart system where everything is accessible by an app at the touch of your fingers!


Selecting appropriate ambient lighting on set self adapting systems or via remote access control ensuring your home is well lit and saving energy throughout the home.


Controlling all home automated appliances including climate control, curtains or blinds to open and close remotely from a touch of the screen.


Operating the security gates and opening the garage door so deliveries can be made and closing all doors on command to secure the goods and property without even being at home accessing and controlling movement in and out the home when you are away ensuring safety and maximum security at all times. 

Customising the way you live adapting your home to your lifestyle!


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Lighting Control
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Heating Control
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Control System
Access Control
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Security Camera

Steps To Your Smart Home

1) Contact Us

Fill in your details on the contact form ,list your requirements explaining what you would like to achieve in your room(s). Send to our  design team some images of the current room and let us know if it is a full interior design service or just the smart home service you require. Let us know what parts of the room you wish to change and what you would like to keep the same and what you want to achieve from your room. 

2) Site Survey

Once we have received your request and details ,we will contact you to discuss our initial thoughts and what we feel will work.If after our initial discussion we have a common vision we will then look to schedule a home visit if necessary and take measurements and notes on the work that is required to make the system work.

3) Planning & Budgeting

Following your agreement we carefully select products that will fit your requirements and most importantly your budget. Explaining the major differences between each of the systems and solutions allowing you to successfully understand why putting a certain system is more beneficial than the alternative.

4) Costing & Detailed Plans 

Confirming level of detail and the room(s) size required costing can then be set. With your budget in mind we can recommend  ways to manage costs to  achieve the ultimate goal. We will provide you with detailed wiring diagrams and detailed specification with no hidden costs so you can be sure the system that is going in and the home is wired to be future proof and user friendly.


5) Project Manage Delivery and Install

With a scheduled works time line, we ensure trades work within seasonal logical method for build. Depending on the size of the project the delivery and installs will be made accordingly. Any programming that needs to be done will also be carried out in a timely manor and we will test at various stages to ensure that the project is kept on time budget and is delivered in a full operating state.

Bringing Experience & Value To Your Project!

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